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Swinging on the Traveling Rings is Healthful Fun for the Whole Family!


Traveling rings are unique physical fitness equipment that provide enjoyable and challenging exercise for the whole body. Outdoors, the free-standing apparatus consists of support posts and a top beam from which 8-10 rings, spaced 7-8 feet apart, hang on swivel chains 6-7 feet above the ground. In a gymnasium or other indoor setting the rings are hung from a beam with the number and distance between them dependent upon the space. Rings enthusiasts (ringers) "travel" from one ring to the next by using their arms, legs, and trunk to build momentum. The swivels enable them to perform spins, flips, and other creative techniques.

Traveling rings were installed in New York City's Riverside Park in 2003 and a set of junior rings was added in 2005. The four other public outdoor traveling rings in the U.S. are on Santa Monica Beach, where they have been a popular California attraction since the 1930's; Brown Street Park in Providence, RI, where they were installed in 2010; Pearsall Park in San Antonio, TX (2016); and Hillier Ignite Fitness Park on the beach at Virginia Beach, VA (2016).

How to Get There
The NYC traveling rings are located in Riverside Park's lower level active recreation area (Hudson Beach) at 105th Street, between the Hudson Beach Café and the Henry Hudson Parkway. Access to the Park is at 103rd Street and Riverside Drive. The closest subway is the #1, which stops two blocks east, at Broadway and 103rd Street.


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